Not bad! #5

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Welcome to Not bad!, Talk Vomit’s Sunday morning poetry series. Today, we are featuring one poem by Massachusetts poet Grace Stathos.

talking to myself again

my brain is being very loud
i drank all my iced coffee and i still have four hours left of my shift
i want to pick flowers and put them in my hair
i wish i didn’t think so much
i wish i lived on a cloud
everyone needs a break sometimes
maybe mine will come soon
the keychains on my backpack are getting dirty but if i wash them it will just happen again
i used to like taking the train but now i hate it
my eyes go blurry when i think too much
i can’t focus no matter how hard i try
maybe i focus on the wrong things
the inevitability of the sun swallowing us whole has been haunting me
i try not to think about it
i keep having these dreams that start with me waking up in my bed and it makes me feel like i’m still dreaming when i wake up
maybe i’m dreaming right now
i hope i wake up feeling better
is it paranoia or proactivity to assume every stranger i encounter wants to hurt me?
maybe it doesn’t make a difference
it’s hard to stop crying once you start
i wish i didn’t think so much

Grace Stathos is a cosmetologist from Massachusetts who loves her cats, her boyfriend, and watching anime. Her work has been published in Teen Ink and EmersonWRITES. In her spare time she enjoys drawing, playing Animal Crossing, and learning K-pop dances. 

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