Non-fiction under 4,500 words, fiction under 2,000 and poetry just generally kept to a minimum, Monica hates it

THEME: Our fall edition’s theme is spooky, however you interpret that.

SPECIAL CALL: Personal ghost stories

The deadline to submit to our fall issue issue is midnight on Sept. 30.

No prior publication experience is required. We are open to reading anything but prefer the subversive. We generally enjoy:

– literature
– music
– art of various mediums
– harsh, well-argued criticism

Send work to with the word “submission” in the subject line. We are two people; turnaround times vary. Follow up if it’s been more than a month.

If your piece is a thinly-veiled homage to Lolita, we will delete it without response. Read something else. 

Payment: We’re very pleased to pay our contributors thanks to supporters of our Substack. Our rates are DIY-zine rates, but we hope they will increase. Fiction and nonfiction run in the $10-30 range; poetry in the $5-15 range. The rate will be higher for print exclusives. We issue honraria via Venmo and PayPal.

FYI: We’re publishing on a mostly quarterly basis, beginning April 1, 2023.

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