Save to Drafts, Vols. 1-2

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Beginning at the turn of the new year, we asked our readers to submit screen grabs of their drafts. Anything from grocery lists saved in their Notes app to tweets and texts they never sent were on the table. You did not disappoint.

We had a theory, you see, after our Dec. 2020 book club meeting, that despite how common it is to “post through it,” it’s the posts we didn’t send or share that might actually say the most about us — and each other. It’s only been a couple weeks, but we’re pretty sure we were right.

We’re sharing a handful of the drafts we’ve received. Our submissions remain open. We hope this project may serve as a reminder for how chaotic our emotions often are, how mind-numbingly funny you might actually be, and, above all else: that you never, ever, ever have to post.

— Monica, Talk Vomit’s prose editor

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Saved by: A 23 year old very shy hairdresser who is working on loving herself as much as she loves Hello Kitty

Saved by: A 26 year old journalist with her fingers crossed for 2021

Saved by: An almost 27 year old who attends a lot of Zoom meetings

Saved by: A 26 year old who is strictly following CDC guidelines

Saved by: A 28 year old bipedal humanoid with enough thoughts for 99 lifetimes

Saved by: A queer 26 year old with too many TikTok audios stuck in her head

Saved by: A 28 year old who is sometimes embarrassed by the mundanity of her own thoughts

Saved by: A 25 year old history teacher and record collector from Boston who is tired and would like a beer or two

Saved by: A 20-something social media manager uncomfortable talking about grief

Saved by: A 28 year old who thinks people care about what she does way more than they possibly could

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