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Welcome to Not bad!, Talk Vomit’s Sunday morning poetry series.

a bad poem on a green day
By Brianna Purington

grass is ethereal to me
long weeds that meet
bodies of water and when
I think of him my hands
turn green like I am ready
to plant something inside
of him
or maybe he’s inside
of me

I’ve gone steady with too many
people yet I know some of them
are still caught on the roots that
grew and there were moments
where I’ve amounted to nothing,
not even the ant on the rotten
banana peel at my feet

carry in, carry out
leave it better than you found it
relationships should
have those policies too

Brianna Purington is a local New Hampshire artist whose genre is primarily poetry. She is inspired by her experiences, her connections to other people and the way they impact here/vice versa, and her empathy for those around her. Brianna’s work is raw, transparent, and intended to provoke feeling within her audience.

the beanstalk
By Benjamin Walton

fetishize the freedoms which estrange us all
and capitalize on concentration:
build the giant’s beanstalk.

miles below is Jack,
in the shirked middle,
with no burrough to occupy
(mobility be damned).
bleach his blue collar but
keep him laying railroad
until he clamors for the Right to Work
for nothing;
until he who owns the beanstalk
also owns the railroads.
consumerism will regulate the rest.
for us, it’s a simple choice between

build a beanstalk Jack can’t climb
and marvel at its size.

Benjamin Walton is from Massachusetts. He currently lives in Brooklyn.

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