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Well, here we are again — it’s Wednesday… I think? And on Wednesday’s around here we try to lighten the mood a bit. We’re all depressed, but everyone deserves a breather, I say.

Below is a sampling of the TikToks we laughed our proverbial asses off at this week, or maybe to which we at least whispered “aww…” to ourselves.

If you’re a good internet creep, you might even find the TikToks we posted on our own accounts. Happy sluething!


a vote for me is a vote for me

♬ original sound – luhcks

Day 7 of Quarantine, my dad is trying to pop a single kernel of popcorn #fyp #coronatime #quarantine #coronavirus #dad #gamingszn #mealprep

♬ original sound – jen_swolo

have you ever seen Shakira and I in the same room??? That’s all I have to say

♬ Hips Dont Lie by Shakira – goalsounds

boop boop

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