A Playlist for the Alleged Twee Revival

By Kinga Irzyk

Social media is abuzz with whispers of a “twee revival.” Call it twee, hipster, indie, “Tumblr girl” — all have one edge to the same box.

What I loved about twee, beyond a deep-seated joy for nostalgia — particularly for things I genuinely got to participate in during my teenhood — is that it has a lot of musical tie-in. The era of twee encompasses a few different aesthetics, but most importantly was a golden age for the beginnings of modern indie music. I can still feel the crinkling plastic sliding off my Juno soundtrack CD, thinking about the yips and declarations of love over twangy ukulele and buzzy harmonica, mixed with low, swingy songs from the 60’s. Listening to it felt simultaneously sepia and technicolor — the perfected crispness of pop music thrown to the wayside in favor of old fuzzy music production.

Indie movies and their soundtracks were an easy segway into Wes Anderson’s movies, with his purposeful aesthetic choices, retro irony, and expertly blended musical choices. I think of Tumblr photos of angsty Margot Tenenbaum quotes (hipster Halloween costume classic), and warm fall colors (like the backdrop of Fantastic Mr. Fox). It’s nostalgia for twee-indie-girlhood; Peter Pan collars, pretending to use rotary phones in digital camera selfies.

As such, this playlist is knee-high socks and David Bowie songs in Portuguese — cozy familiarity with small new features. Long-time fans (sorry, had to) of my playlists are familiar with my first iteration of this similar vibe — particularly one called “I’m my own Wes Anderson movie.” It’s full of songs taken from movie marathons, full of classic rock, indie jams, and moody-but-bright french songs. Today, in the dawn of seeing nostalgia for my favorite teen era — I bring to you a revamp of a personal classic. If I was interesting enough for a biography, Mr. Anderson, would you please direct? I already made you the soundtrack.

Kinga Irzyk is a graduate student and serial hobbyist in Boston, MA. Usually found baking, rollerskating, watching garbage TV, or putting on too much eyeshadow. Follow @kersplatski on instagram for mostly just cat content. 

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