A Playlist for your End-of-Summer BBQs

By Kinga Irzyk

I have never been to Australia, but I probably shout “shrimp on the barbie” 9 out of 10 times the grill is being fired up. I am not even usually grilling shrimp, but there is such a visceral feeling that — well, isn’t grilled eats and seafood just the epitome of peak summer? Even if you don’t eat seafood, the idea of cooking outside and things that evoke the ocean simply feel like May to late August. Much like never going to Australia, I have never surfed. I have no confidence that I would be good at surfing, and aside from referencing that Kim Kardashian tweet in 2010 — I have probably no knowledge of surfing terminology beyond “kowabunga.”

With the wettest July on record in Boston, and a Monday-Friday work schedule — I have lacked the feeling of summer. Rained out weekends mean that instead of barbecuing and going to New England beaches every moment I can, I am instead inside daydreaming of salty surf, char-grilled foods and slamming back cheap beers and iced tea while nursing a sunburn. All I want is a rowdy night around the fire (sorry friends, I miss crushing cans more than a campfire song and s’mores) after roasting weenies and getting slammed by waves all day. These are songs that make me want to drive to the beach with my windows down, that have me running to grab more burger buns in my still-wet swimsuit while my friends are prepping for backyard cookery.

Much requested, long awaited – I hope these feel like a high energy summertime hang after a beach day to you, too. 


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