A playlist for when you haven’t had coffee yet

By Kinga Irzyk

The long spring days and sunlight are amazing, revitalizing. The afternoon and early evening still being bright have me no longer wishing to write off the evening; gone are the winter days of giving up and climbing into bed at 6 p.m.!

That being said, sometimes the mornings need a little extra help because I am no longer getting 14 hours of sleep. For those of you who are morning people, I commend you. For those of us who aren’t, I think you can understand what I mean when I say the music I listen to at that time of day needs to not be “too much” in the morning, setting off a pre-coffee rage, but at the same time, can’t be too soothing either, because then you’re crawling back into bed.

So, here are some songs that you can nod along to while stirring your (oat?)milk into your coffee, or while you’re dusting off the cobwebs and tying your shoes for the day. But trust, nothing here will battle the caffeine entering your system, either — we’ll let that hold the brunt of your wake up. Instead, enjoy some songs that have a twinkly energizing feeling, like when the coffee is working deliciously and you’re not in a rush on a weekend morning. Anyway, I’ll keep this short — since, like the rest of us, you’re probably in a hurry to start your day.

Kinga Irzyk is a graduate student and serial hobbyist in Boston, MA. Usually found baking, rollerskating, watching garbage TV, or putting on too much eyeshadow. Follow @kersplatski on instagram for mostly just cat content. 

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