Here’s a Seasonal Depression Playlist That’s Good For Crying

By Kinga Irzyk

November’s a hard month. The exciting parts of September and October’s autumn have ended — apple picking, pumpkin picking, Halloween. Now, it’s creeping darkness and the impending doom of the holidays, marking the end of the calendar year. 

Last week, my online graduate classes ended after a particularly depressing activity and documentary and all the fake joy I had created for myself of November’s soon-arrival hissed out of me like a balloon. In an attempt to help, I played some tracks off my personal crying playlist, and felt some relief. (Even science recommends we indulge in a good cry every once in a while.)

In making this playlist, I wept. I cried. I sobbed. And then, I reached out to people to share the songs that make the tears flow for them, too. And I sobbed some more. I cried big, gloppy mascara tears so hard I suddenly found myself laughing. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted the songs that make them feel their most vulnerable; and remember – letting yourself feel sadness and cry is self-care. If you don’t yet have a go-to cry Song, I hope this helps you find one. 

For those finding themselves struggling more often as the season’s change or in general, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7 via 1-800-273-8255. Samaritans, a local Massachusetts organization, is available via call or text at 877-870-4673. Find a therapist near you here.

Kinga Irzyk is a graduate student and serial hobbyist in Boston, MA. Usually found baking, rollerskating, watching garbage TV, or putting on too much eyeshadow. Follow @kersplatski on instagram for mostly just cat content. 

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