A Halloween Playlist ~For the Times~

By Kinga Irzyk

Let’s be honest, Halloween’s more or less cancelled. This year, we’re ditching the Monster Mash (which doesn’t sound like it’d be a very socially-distanced-bash), and swapping it for some subtler bops that happen to have some Halloween-adjacent titles and themes. I imagine Halloween this year will be a lot more like sipping wine over Zoom gatherings, or maybe just watching Hocus Pocus on repeat over and over and over and over. We’ll see!

As someone who has built a heavy portion of my personality on Halloween adoration, it can seem strange to make a playlist without, yes, the Monster Mash, or songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas. But sometimes there’s a global pandemic, and getting wild with your witches isn’t recommended by the CDC. And thus, this playlist was born: Songs that can be played a little more quietly, more atmospherically — all the better to have a six-feet-apart conversation over.

Stay safe, and wear a (spooky or otherwise) mask.

Kinga Irzyk is a graduate student and serial hobbyist in Boston, MA. Usually found baking, rollerskating, watching garbage TV, or putting on too much eyeshadow. Follow @kersplatski on instagram for mostly just cat content. 

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